Trip Report

fox croppped

Hike was easy in and weather was good although 10-15 degrees cooler than we had hoped.

We decided to not go for the activation because the approach to the summit involved about a mile of off-trail scramble across a meadow and there also happened to be a group of mountain goats feeding in the meadow we didn't want to disturb.

This would be a great snow-show summit in a few weeks\a month or a Spring summit as the snow lingers.

We did see 60-80 mountain goats in the area. A fox. A pile of chipmunks.

Approach The trail is super well maintained and a pleasure to use. To reach the true summit you would go straight up the meadow face after rounding Frozen Lake.

Going straight up the meadow face with no snow pack is not appropriate in this high use area.

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Planned Modes:

  • 2M FM


  • Baofeng F8HP