Name: Patrick

QTH: - Currently located in Honolulu, HI in a condominium.

Personal Ham Radio History

I originally was KB7VPO when I got my Tech No-Code back in the early '90s. I had a 2M HT for a while and did some repeater work, but lost interest. When we purchased our sailboat sv Deep Playa it had an Icom M710 SSB which was also modified for HAM radio use.  Since then I have upgraded to a General class license and got my current vanity callsign, to go with my nickname, W7PEA. I have been using the radio almost exclusively for Winlink email and maritime HF nets.

I spent a significant amount of time on a boat in Mexico working out how to use the ICOM M710 for other digital modes with the idea that maybe we can have digital Maritime HAM Nets alongside or instead of the Voice ones. Figuring out the M710 and getting it working with other software is challenging. I setup the M710 User's Group so myself and other M710 owners can help each other out. We sold the boat in early 2013 and I'm no long active on the M710 list.

I am also interested in extending my radios to include APRS, Marine Weather Buoys (APRS), Satellite from HTs, 2m\70cm HT Operation. I am also looking into adding HF Mobile operation capabilities with the thought of activating summits and islands as we journey. For more info on those check out: Summits on the Air, Islands on the Air.

But currently my operations are very modest with a 2M mobile rig.