I dind't post a whole lot about the RV Trip here, that's all in the root blog, http://DeepPlaya.com

However, I did want to take a second and say that our APRS setup with the D710  worked flawlessly. Friends and family were tracking us across the country. It was great fun. I didn't use the rig for much more than that, but it did work great.

Now we're back on the boat in the Mexico and aside from HF Nets, there's not much going on down here Ham Radio wise.

The D710 is aboard, but there are no APRS stations here. I will bring the rig along with us when we move to Honolulu.

Not sure what kind of operating I'll be doing in Honolulu, but once we settle in and find a more steady home I think I'll be back on the air and start doing a little contesting.

In the meantime, I'll probably be radio silent.