Kenwood D710 Wiring

Here is a basic block diagram of how my Kenwood D710 is wired into my 1991 Winnebago Chieftain. Coming from the battery, the splitter is a PowerWerx OEM-T inline PowerPole Splitter. It allows me to plug the radio directly into the power feed and to also have a set of Anderson Poles for connecting my PowerWerx Rigrunner 4004 USB DC power distribution. The Rigrunner will supply power to the AvMap and any other little electronic toys like our Verizon JetPack, XGPDDual150 for the iPad, not to mention the iPad itself as well as phones and other goodies.

The AvMap connects to the GPS jack on the faceplate of the D710 provides GPS position to the D710 in order to do APRS Position reports over 2M. The D710 also sends data to the AvMap to display any received position reports from any HAM Operators or events nearby. Google APRS if you don't know much about it. For my friends and family, these position reports are how the LandYacht Tracker works.

The antenna is a Comet 2M/70CM Dual Band. It is mounted to the passenger side view mirror. The side view mirrors are already setup with wiring routes for RG8 coax. They also have a three-hole screw pattern to support a basic angle bracket type antenna mount.

The Microphone is just the stock hand unit. The external speaker is one I had acquired for the boat, but it is VERY handy in this installation as it is much louder and cleaner to listen to which is  very important over the noise of our 91 6.2L V8 Diesel engine.

I also have a set of extension cables so I can use the D710 Microphone and faceplate\Control unit while sitting at the dinette in the LandYacht, very handy there and will be MORE handy when I install this rig in sv Deep Playa.

So far the rig is working great. I've only been doing APRS so far. I've yet to make a voice or digital QSO. I hope to try that out in the next day or two as we head South from our current location. I'm a little worried I might have engine noise on the Mic, but I won't know till I try.